Smoking Cancer Project

About the project

This project is primarily conducted by the Laboratory of Lifestyle Epidemiology (Department of Environmental Health Sciences), of the Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Milan, Italy.

The aim of this project is to provide a comprehensive and updated picture of the association between various smoking-related variables and site-specific cancer risk. We are able to estimate the most robust cancer-specific relative risks obtained from the existing scientific literature. Moreover, for each cancer site, we are able to provide the risk curves which best describe the dose-response effect of smoking intensity, smoking duration, pack-years, and time since stopping smoking on cancer risk.



This project includes a series of systematic reviews and meta-analyses based on three subsequent literature searches:
1) an umbrella review, to identify published meta-analyses, pooled-analyses, and systematic reviews on the association between cigarette smoking and cancer risk;
2) for each cancer site, an updated systematic review of original publications on the association between cigarette smoking and site-specific cancer risk, starting from the last available comprehensive review identified through the umbrella review;
3) a review of all original articles on the association between cigarette smoking and site-specific cancer risk included in the publications identified through the umbrella review or through the update of the reviews.

The primary outcomes of interest are: i) the excess incidence/mortality of various cancers for smokers compared to never smokers; ii) the dose-response curves describing the association between smoking intensity, duration, and time since stopping and incidence/mortality for various cancers. For each cancer site, we perform a meta-analysis by pooling the study-specific estimates for smoking status. We also estimate the dose-response curves for other smoking variables through random-effects meta-regression models based on a nonlinear dose-response relationship framework.


List of cancer sites

Pancreas (already available)

Kidney (already available)

Ovary (already available)

Gallbladder (already available)

Colorectum (article under review)

Stomach (article in preparation)

Breast (in process)

Liver (in process)




Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC)

Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (FIRC)

Italian League Against Cancer (LILT, Milan)



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