We report here the updated results of a comprehensive meta-analysis on the association between cigarette smoking and pancreatic cancer risk. This meta-analysis has been published in European Journal of Cancer in 2018.

Suggested citation: Lugo A, Peveri G, Bosetti C, Bagnardi V, Rota M, Crippa A, Orsini N, Gallus S. Strong excess risk of pancreatic cancer for low frequency and duration of cigarette smoking: A comprehensive review and meta-analysis. Eur J Cancer. 2018 Oct 19;104:117-126.




Table A: Included case-control studies

Table B: Included cohort studies

Table C: Excluded articles

Table D: Risk estimates in strata of selected characteristics



Figure A: Flow-chart

Figure B: Forest plot of current vs. never smokers

Figure C: Forest plot of former vs. never smokers

Figure D: Forest plot of ever vs. never smokers

Figure E: Dose-response relationship for smoking intensity

Figure F: Dose-response relationship for smoking duration

Figure G: Dose-response relationship for time since stopping



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Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (FIRC)

Italian League Against Cancer (LILT, Milan)